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A few years ago God placed the natural and organic expression of the church on our hearts. We’ve been touched by the message of several books on the subject, written in English. However, we feel there is a lack of material in Swedish that deals with this.

The natural church life, that flows from our indwelling Lord Jesus Christ, is the life that is portrayed in the New Testament, which is radically different from what we see in most contemporary churches today. They have their structure inspired by companies and organizations. What we, and many brothers and sisters in Christ with us, dream about is to return to the origins of the Church. Please take a look at this article which gives an overview of the differences between what is described in the NT (organic) and today’s institutional churches (organizational).

This is our first stumbling steps toward a publishing house. Through it, and the works we plan and dream of translating and publishing, we want to share the incredibly beautiful and real images of Jesus Christ and His church, that our brothers help us to see.

(In no particular order)

Daniel Norlin
David Spånberger
Theresa Engström Norlin

To come in contact with us, email forlaglevandestenar atsign gmail dot com.

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